Industrial Services


Microfiltration & Ultrafiltration

  • Membrane filtration including microfiltration, pressurized submerged
    microfiltration and nanofiltration.
  • Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis or stand alone for producing high quality

Reverse Osmosis

  • A membrane process used extensively for salt and contaminants removal from
    sea water, brackish water or surface water.
  • Robust and proven technology easy to operate.
  • Membrane proven expertise to achieve ultrapure water specifications.


  • For boiler feed, reverse osmosis feed, glass washing, food processing and general
    manufacturing applications.
  • Flexible design and control systems enable the minimization of wastewater and
    salt usage.


  • Removal of suspended matter, turbidity, iron, chlorine taste, color and odor from
    feedwater with media filtration through a bed of media such as fine sand,
    anthracite, activated carbon or manganese dioxide.
  • Suitable for general industrial process water.


  • For producing ultra pure water on low TDS feedwater (< 100 mg/l).
  • Low operating costs, minimum start up time, small footprint, efficient chemical

Continuous Electro-Deionization (CEDI-LX)

  • High level of ultra pure water for microelectronics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Reliable and skid-mounted systems, compact design, easy to transport.
  • Low power consumption, low operating costs, high recovery, chemical-free process.