Creating Water Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Process Water Treatment

We optimize the quality and the reliability of the purified water produced for your utilities.

We provide:

  • Complete water treatment systems from pretreatment to purified water distribution
  • Alternative water sources through recycling or seawater desalination
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems, make up water and blowdown treatment systems
  • Process Water for boiler feed water and steam generator applications
  • Condensate treatment for reuse
  • Water production for diluting, dissolving and hydrolysis
  • Pure and ultrapure water production

Wastewater Treatment

Each technical solution we offer is tailored to:

  • Meet your production requirements whether large volume or multipurpose production, organic or inorganic chemicals, facility upgrade or expansion of production
  • Comply with your process effluent characteristics such as hydraulic load, organic/inorganic load, priority substances, toxicity, hazardous/cross-media effects, temperature or pH

We provide:

  • Improved and guaranteed environmental compliance
  • Cost-effective solutions such as segregation and selective pre-treatment, joint pre-treatment platform for wastewater, anaerobic treatment and biogas energy recovery
  • Increased focus on your core business by managing side-stream activities such as groundwater reclamation or phosphogypsum stack leachates treatment